The Amazing Story of Sam

This dog is a survivor and has a lot of heart after going through hell in a dog fighting ring.

Sam is sweet. The sweetest. He is resilient. He is strong. He has the biggest heart. Sam is a survivor. Sam is so many things that words just cannot describe. He’s inspiration.

On a recent trip to volunteer at Hello Bully, a local organization dedicated to repairing the reputation of the pit bull while at the same time rescuing some of the animals from dog fighting rings, I had the amazing opportunity to get into Sam’s kennel for some cuddle time.

Sam was wagging his tail delightfully, curling up into my lap as best as he could. Despite being a prisoner in a dog fighting ring for five years, despite being let down and abused by so many human beings—Sam was happy to see me. As we worked to clean Hello Bully’s Halfway House, located in the Cranberry area, I noticed that every time I would walk by Sam’s space, he’d be looking out at me, the other volunteers, wagging his tail.

Sam has scars on his face and body from the horrific time he spent in the ring. He was shoved into a cage buried underground in Jacksonville during that time. But today—he smiles. He’s still one of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen. He’s learning how to live in a loving home. 

There is so much more that all of us can do to help him and other pit bulls across the country who are failed by irresponsible, neglectful or abusive owners. It starts with education—a core of Hello Bully’s mission. 

For those who are able to help this amazing organization financially, which was started right here in Pittsburgh in 2005 by Daisy Balawejder, there are a few different ways to help. Ella’s Lead has created a top-notch collar in honor of my favorite pit bull called “Sam’s Bulletproof Collar”—because as you have already read here, Sam is bulletproof. A portion of the proceeds will directly benefit Sam. As my own dog , I am buying her the pink version. You can donate here. You can volunteer your time. You can adopt. You can do it for Sam or any other animal in need. Because they need us.

Another fun way to help: Order a pupcake from Doggie Delights through Aug. 31 and mention Hello Bully when ordering. Hello Bully will receive $5 for every order. Doggie Delights makes Gourmet Birthday Cakes and Pupcakes for your best friend. All of their cakes and treats are baked fresh when ordered and decorated by hand. Visit www.doggiedelightsonline.com.

This Aug. 13, when we celebrate Bailey’s first year with a new forever family, we will look at her new collar and pupcake and be reminded of Sam’s strength and the fact that we can all help in our own way to give those a voice who have none.

This column originally appeared on Forest Hills-Regent Square Patch

Free Tony The Tiger July 31, 2012 at 09:21 PM
Wow what an incredible dog. Sam ❤ is a perfect example of why dogs that come from the same hellish life should not be killed just because of their past. They could be incredible dogs that just need that one person that opens their heart and gives them a chance at life.


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