Bridgeville Library Celebrates 50 Years

The Bridgeville Public Library is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and officials hope to have a week-long celebration in October.

The is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and officials hope to have a week-long celebration in October.

Joyce Heinrich, who is the library’s new fundraising director, said she is planning a book series and quilt show to bring new people into the library and possibly spur donations.

Heinrich also showed the board during its Tuesday night meeting an illustration of a sign the library will have installed on the front of the building to celebrate its anniversary in Bridgeville. The board agreed to pay $272 for the sign and installation.

Heinrich noted that the library has not planned any special events for the anniversary, so she’s hoping the week-long celebration will help build fundraising momentum.

She also said the library is gearing up to send out donation letters to residents and community businesses. She suggested someone involved with library also send a hand-written note with each solicitation to give it a personal touch.


Also during the meeting…

  • The library spent $29,000 in June and raised $24,000 during that period, according to accountant Lorraine Ruday. About $15,000 of that fundraising was from an annual donation that will continue for four years. Ruday added that if the current finances continue, the library will have to dip into its saving account in April. That would bridge the gap until the annual $200,000 McDivett donation to the library is received next July. The urgency to raise money, which Heinrich has been hired to do, will continue unless they are able to ramp up donations. “That will continue to escalate as time goes on,” Ruday said of the deficit. The library is must have enough money in its savings to make a $1.4 million balloon mortgage payment in 2020.
  • Library Director Donna Taylor told the board that volunteers logged 200 hours in May and June after the community learned of the financial problems. She said that’s one of the highest totals she’s seen and hopes it continues as people show support for the library. The library is also working to have a lawnmower donated so it can have volunteers cut the grass.
Cindy July 19, 2012 at 12:39 PM
The 50th Anniversary sign for the Library is being paid for by a donor and NOT the Library. I just wanted to clarify that, since the Library is asking for donations and financial help. I don't want people saying the Library is spending money that should be used to help keep the Library open. Cindy


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