CV Passes Budget Without Tax Increase

Chartiers Valley passed its 2012-13 school year budget without raising taxes.

passed its 2012-13 school year budget without raising taxes.

, but keeps taxes the same because of increases to real estate revenue and streamlining of expenses.

The school board unanimously passed the budget during its Tuesday night voting meeting.

“It’s going to be a tight budget,” Chartiers Valley’s Business Manager Nick Morelli said. “As everyone knows, schools (around the area) are having tough times.”

that Morelli put forward in April called for the school district to pull $1.2 million from the rainy day fund. However, Morellis said he was able to close the gap and did not expect to touch the fund balance that is expected to reach $3.9 million

He said the district “cut this budget to the bone” in order to not raise taxes. Morelli emphasized that the school district has not had to cut any programs and no athletes will have “pay to play” for sports.  

The biggest concern in future spending, Morelli said, is the increasing pension plans. However, he said Chartiers Valley has mostly avoided state funding cuts that have jabbed many school district over the past two years.

Taxes will remain at 19.88 mills, meaning that a property owner with a home assessed at $100,000 would pay $1,988 in school taxes next year.

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