CV Might Fire School Bus Drivers

A strike might be the only option for the union if the Chartiers Valley School District decides to terminate all of its bus drivers and hire a private company to do the work.

The is considering terminating all of its bus drivers, transportation support staff and custodians in favor of hiring a private company to do the work.

The school board will meet Monday morning to vote on a contractual fact finding report that was already accepted by the Chartiers Valley Education Support Professionals union.  

If the board rejects the fact finding report at its 7:30 a.m. meeting, which a union representative thinks is a strong possibility, the bus drivers and custodians could be out of a job after the end of this school year. Butch Santicola, the spokesman for the union, said the school district has solicited proposals for a private company to take over the busing of students.

“We’re concerned about that,” Santicola said. “A lot of good people will lose their jobs, salaries and everything they’ve worked for over their lives.”

The union plans to meet Sunday to discuss whether a strike should be implemented before the end of the school year. Santicola said a strike isn’t ideal, but the union might not have any other options.

If the board rejects the fact finding report, Santicola said the union could strike as early as Wednesday morning.

“What choice do they have? They’re going to lose their jobs, possibly,” he said. “These actions are not taken lightly or without much thought.”

The Post-Gazette reported that the union has been working without a contract since 2011.

School district officials released a statement on the situation Friday afternoon:

The Chartiers Valley School District is disappointed to learn that Chartiers Valley Support Personnel Association (CVSPA) is contemplating a strike.

The school board did reject the Fact Finder’s report and will take formal action regarding the report at the special action school board meeting scheduled for Monday, May 21 at 7:30 am.

The district still hopes to reach a mutual agreement with CVSPA and fully intends to continue to follow the negotiating process in good faith to reach that end. The school board has directed its chief negotiator, Mike Brungo, to schedule additional negotiating sessions with CVSPA. The district believes more could be accomplished by good-faith bargaining than a strike.

Under Act 88, CVSPA must give the district 48 hours notice of its intent to strike. If that occurs, the district will communicate to families in the Chartiers Valley community by letter, our website (www.cvsd.net) and the AlertNOW phone system. Although we hope a strike does not occur, the district is currently developing contingency plans to continue operating if CVSPA does decide to strike.

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b smith May 27, 2012 at 09:31 PM
Haha trip coordinator! Hockey players pay to wear CVs uniform. There is nothing recieced by players from the district. Now I know player pay a few thousand dollars a season to play, plus buy their own equipment sticks and transport to games. Again not complaining just stating a fact.
Dream On May 28, 2012 at 02:51 AM
AMEN! However, we currently have one African-American working for the district at the Intermediate School, a security guard. Its sad because this district needs diversity among its leadership, faculty, bus drivers, etc. it IS about who you know but it's more about WHAT you look like.
Dream On May 28, 2012 at 03:09 AM
Thank you for graciously allowing 'people of color to attend your schools for the last 20 years or so' as I'm sure they're very flattered. The district has one African-American working for the Intermediate School. The other 'qualified applicants' are now working for another district in the South Hills.
chet May 31, 2012 at 12:20 AM
Here is what subcotracting school buses gets you. The operator of a now-defunct bus company did not have insurance coverage during the time it transported Chartiers Valley School District students, state police said on Saturday. State police charged Michael N. Krawec, 25, of Pittsburgh with 161 counts of required financial responsibility for lacking insurance, along with one count each of false application for title, tampering with records, securing execution of documents by deception, insurance fraud, false swearing, and tampering with public records. Nick Morelli, the district's director of finance and support operations, said last night that during the time Krawek Transportation transported any district students, they and the vehicles in which they were riding were covered by the district's insurance policy.
chet May 31, 2012 at 12:21 AM
Police said someone made an anonymous call to a trooper in April to say that Krawec did not have insurance on his buses. Police said they found the buses on April 25 in an empty parking lot along Route 51 in Baldwin. Inside one of the buses, police said, they found an insurance card stating that it covered all vehicles owned or operated by the Chartiers Valley Transportation Department. The trooper called Krawec's insurance company, which said the policy had been canceled on Oct. 5. Troopers said the district said Krawec's company made 160 runs transporting students between Dec. 7 and April 25. Police filed charges against Krawec on Friday. He referred questions to his attorney, Nicholas Krawec, also his father, who said the bus company is no longer operating.


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