Today's Tarot - 2013

Happy New Year 2013, tarot style

Have predictions jumped the shark yet?

I've been saying it like a broken record for years: Tarot doesn't make predictions. Nothing can. You heard George Lucas' Yoda - the future is always in motion. Stephanie Myers was right on target with Alice in "Twilight" too - when someone changes their mind, the "vision" changes. I think Doctor Who said it best in the "Cold Earth" episode written by Chris Chibnall "The future turns around you, here, now, so do good".

Predictions do no good that I can see. A "prediction" seeds a specific idea that may or may not be for a person's highest good.  It locks in the psychic's vision of the future...no the person who sought guidance in the first place. Predictions weaken choice and narrows vision. It can heap stress on an already stressful situation if the "prediction" is frightening or un-nerving in any way.

I believe that inutitive work of any kind...psychic readings, tarot, palms, tea leaves, anything... should do the exact opposite. Intuition should widen our vision, show other possibilities we've missed, give us more choices, ease stress and soothe emotions. "Accurate predictions" have no place in that. That's why I won't do readings like that, even though it has lost clients and money for me over the years.

I'm hoping 2013 is the year that REAL intuitive work comes into its own. Maybe with the whole rediculous December 21 doomsday thing behind us, and having survived the mellinium, asteroid fly-bys and the end of twinkies, maybe, just maybe we can all get over the idea of PREDICTING the future and get down to the work of CREATING a better future.

Sure, predictions are fun, especially at the New Year. Truth is, even the most choice-and-guidance oriented of us will indulge in making predictions for the New Year. It's a game, a plaything, an entertainment, as much for us as our readers. It stretches the mental muscles that help us do our more important work, just like playing a physical game can help your physical fitness.

This year I'm going to play a different game. Instead of indulging in the straight "cold reading" kind of thing, I'm going to do a "Four Seasons" reading for the year 2013. The "Four Seasons" is my home-made reading style that sticks with the idea of guidance, but still gives that 'look ahead' feeling that we naturally crave, that need to know that naturally drives humans to want to see the future in the first place. Each card isn't a prediction, but instead is a theme for the season, or an important idea / choice that may come to you during that time. Of course, this reading isn't going to match everyone. It's just for fun, but if it makes sense to you, or helps someone, somewhere along the way...all the better. Happy 2013! 

General Pattern: three major arcana cards with only one minor arcana card suggest that we may be faced with more choices, changes, and   in the first part of the year compared to the second part. Again, not a prediction, but pointing toward the way things are trending - like a compass needle points north. It doesn't predict what will happen or what people will do...just the direction things are headed. 

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