ShelfLight - Meet the Robinsons' Chariot

My fan-girl take on on a family friendly movie.

One of my favorite Disney / Pixar movies was on TV Thanksgiving Day. I like "Meet the Robinsons". It hints, like all good books and movies, at something bigger. Like author  Richard A. Clarke said in an interview about his novel "Scorpion's Gate"(and it's a good one too - but for grown-ups) ..."sometimes you really can tell more truth through fiction"

"Meet the Robinsons" shows the power of perception and personal responsibility through "Goob" and his reaction to the missed baseball.

Of course, one of my favorite moments is when Lewis chooses to "never invent" the helping hat / "Doris" that is the real "bad guy" of the adventure, and POOF - the hat is gone. A clear, concrete, example of choice creating the future - admittedly, I love seeing the core premise of "Modern Oracle Tarot" right there in bold color. The movie may be fiction, but it hints at least at the truth of simple cause and effect - what we do, say, omit, and choose really can have an influence over how our future unfolds.

Yet another life lesson in the movie is to learn from mistakes and failures. That is what real support is all about, sticking close through failures so they can be transformed into successes. Even when everyone is covered in peanut butter and jelly, the room cheers for it, and for the improvement that is coming because "when you fail, you learn something. When you succeed, not so much". Supportive, forward-thinking, happy in the moment - who wouldn't want to meet the Robinsons?

There is much to be said for Lewis' catchphrase "Keep Moving Forward". Persistence is a key to success, in the movie and in reality. That isn't to say we persist holding on to things from the past that are harmful, or just generally dragging us down. There is no reason we can't "keep moving forward" - in a whole different direction. Because I work with tarot symbolism so much, this reminds me a little bit of the Chariot card from the major arcana. A chariot moving forward at full speed is hard to stop - it keeps moving forward by sheer inertia. Chariots can turn and steer...but they don't go in reverse, at least not easily. And so it is with people too. We can keep moving forward, turning in any direction needed - but focusing on the past or going backwards isn't always the best idea.

So on the geek shelf spotlight, I give you a fun, family friendly movie with a surprisingly large number of truths taught by its fiction. I wholeheartedly recommend "Meet the Robinsons"

"ShelfLight" is a series of sincere, "fan-girl" posts, where I highlight and review books, movies, TV shows, or any various and sundry bits of geekiness that catches my attention. I'm not compensated for these reviews in anyway. 

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