Trash is Junking Up Glendale

Scott commissioner asks why revitalize Carothers Avenue if rubbish is all over the neighborhood.

is getting ready for its revitalization project along Carothers Avenue, but Commissioner Bill Wells is asking why bother with all the trash strewn around the neighborhood.

Wells said he drives by the road connecting the township’s Glendale neighborhood to Carnegie and often sees trash cans, rubbish and even mattresses along the sidewalk.

“What’s the point of revitalizing that if it’s going to look like that,” Wells said during the commissioners' Tuesday night meeting.

Bob Fischer, the township’s codes and zoning officer, said there is “a lot” of trash in the area some days and he’s tried to write citations. But many of the landlords who should be held responsible for problem tenants in the neighborhood either don’t respond or appear in court.

“There are days that are bad,” Fischer said.

Board President Tom Castello agreed that something needs to be done and suggested they begin writing tax liens on problematic properties. The effectiveness of that move and whether it would spur changes is up for debate.

“I guarantee if we set an example on one, the next 50 will fall in line,” Castello said.

Commissioner David Jason agreed with the tough stance.
“Bring the hammer down on them,” Jason said.

After the discussion, the commissioners agreed to approve Trans Associates’ No. 6 estimate for in the amount of $40,718.


Also during the meeting…

  • The board appointed Donald Giudici to replace Jim Walther, who retired last month, as the 9th ward commissioner. Giudici, who has lived in Scott Township for 38 years and is a retired CPA, will fill the final two years remaining on the term.
  • ripped the commissioners, claiming that the township is not doing enough to enforce zoning laws on her road. She said Jimmy Mak’s Landscaping should not be allowed to continue doing business in the area because it is zoned as a residential area, and the business should be brought before the township’s zoning hearing board. “You’ve had a chance to get rid of this eyesore that has plagued our neighborhood for years,” Harbin said. “What are you making these laws for if you’re not going to enforce them? Castello told her to “come back next meeting and we’ll have an answer for you.”
  • The township’s annual Easter egg hunt is scheduled for 1 p.m. March 25 at Scott Park.

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