Scott Township Trying to Fix Sewage Bill Mistakes

Scott Township is working to correct mistakes to some of the sewage bills sent out to residents.

Pat Martin couldn’t believe her eyes when she opened up her new quarterly sewage bill from Scott Township this month and it read $348.38.

A major accounting error accidentally tied the Scott Township resident’s sewage bill into another account, making it more than five times higher than her actual usage suggested. Martin’s actual bill for three months should have been $67.84.

Scott Township officials are now working to correct that mistake and other problems now that municipalities are in charge of sending out the sewage bills. PA American Water turned the billing services over to each of the municipalities this year.

Township Manager Denise Fitzgerald said there were problems with the data supplied by the water company, making some bills erroneously high.

“We did catch it and we are revising them,” Fitzgerald said. “This is a work in progress.”

It’s not known how many other bills are also incorrect. Fitzgerald said she’s also working with the township’s tax office to add more information to the bill.

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