Scott Pool Looking for New Lifeguards

Scott officials are pondering whether to consider only township residents for the positions, which has angered Chartiers Valley students who have been rejected in the past.

Scott Township is looking for new summer lifeguards for its pool, but whether municipal officials will hire only residents or open it up to other area kids is up in the air.

The township usually gives preference to its own residents, which has created some hard feelings over the past couple years from Chartiers Valley students who felt they were qualified but not hired.

Last year, some parents claimed their children easily passed the lifeguard test, but weren’t hired because they lived just outside the township.

“We’ve had some angry letters,” township Manager Denise Fitzgerald admitted during Scott’s Board of Commissioners meeting Tuesday night.

The commissioners plan to advertise the openings soon, but are unsure whether it is proper to solicit only residents or post that’s their preference. Township solicitor Robert McTiernan advised against that plan so as not to exclude anyone from applying.

The lifeguard test is tentatively scheduled for April 7 at Chartiers Valley High School, which is in Collier Township.  The commissioners are expected to make a final decision on the application process at their Feb. 28 voting meeting.

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Sandra February 18, 2012 at 01:37 PM
I think limiting it to the district is just fine, but limiting it to the township seems pretty unreasonable. Those kids work hard as swimmers/lifeguards and to not give them the opportunity to work through the summer doing something they love and work hard for is just absurd!
Chris Mutschler February 18, 2012 at 02:06 PM
It is a township pool not CV school district pool. I believe to hold a summer job in the parks dept. you must be a township resident. just like if you live in Collier you need to be a collier resident to work on their summer crew. The Wave Pool is open to county residents to apply.
Matthew Scorzafave March 06, 2012 at 01:39 AM
As a five-year former lifeguard (2007-2011) AND Scott Township resident, I believe that this position should ABSOLUTELY be opened up to non Scott Township residents. There are lifeguards from outside the township that are not hired, but are much more qualified than some of the lifeguards that are hired. This is a very serious job and its primary role is to ensure safety. Hiring less qualified lifeguards just because they are Township residents is putting lives further at risk. Yes, there should be a "preference" for Scott residents, but the positions should be given to whoever is most qualified.


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