Scott Wants to Revitalize Glendale

Scott’s new comprehensive plan is looking to boost small business development on Carothers Avenue.

Scott’s new comprehensive plan is hoping it can boost small business development in Glendale to revitalize the struggling Carothers Avenue corridor.

Tunanimously passed the multi-municipal comprehensive plan Tuesday night that will set in motion a 30-year vision of the area between Carnegie and Heidelberg.

The key will be developing walking areas, upgrading building facades and fostering new businesses along Route 50 and Carothers Avenue.

“If you improve the commercial area, that will (eliminate) the problem,” board President Tom Castello said.

Jim Pashek, the project manager, laid out the plan from a special committee that has met since September 2010 to put forward a vision for the township.

He said the need to create a “vibrant, attractive, mixed-use corridor” with office space that can fit into the neighborhood. Pashek said that might be able to improve building values on a notoriously troubled stretch in Scott Township.

“There are some challengers there, as you know,” he said.

The cost to the township is unknown, but he hoped the majority of improvements would be made by the private sector to “reinvest in these properties to add value.” However, Carnegie does currently have a program that helps businesses find funding or loans, and Scott might be able to combine with that initiative.

and Carnegie passed its plan on Feb. 13.


Also during the meeting…

  • The township is now accepting applications and has scheduled its swimming test for April 7 at Chartiers Valley High School. The board unanimously voted to request that “Scott Township residents are preferred” applicants.
  • The township’s public works department is now looking for summer workers. The department will hire Scott residents who are at least 18 and are either entering college or currently enrolled.
  • Scott’s Spring Earth Day will be held April 21.
  • The commissioners approved the creation for a “casual position” in the municipal office for an as-needed basis. The person will be paid $10 per hour for part-time work.

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Mrs. McNulty February 29, 2012 at 04:18 PM
Scott Township is not going to be able to turn things around in Glendale until they get serious about cracking down on the slum-lords who own most of the properties in Glendale. I lived in a horrible rental on Magazine Street for a few years before moving to Bridgeville in 2002. Luckily, the house was on the top of the hill and away from the drug-dealing houses in lower Glendale. It was what I could afford as the single mother of four struggling without child support from my children’s well-heeled ‘self-employed’ father. I wanted my girls to attend school in a decent school district - luckily we got out of Glendale before things became worse.
ExpatBurghGal March 03, 2012 at 03:37 PM
I have to agree with the commenter above....I lived in Glendale from age 9 with my younger sister and single mom until I moved away to school at 20 in 2005--first in a multifamily house and then in a home my mother purchased, both on Orchard near the Hammond St industrial area. Even when I was in middle and high school my friends on Carothers and Magazine and I joked about my side being the "Glendale Highlands" because of the disparity between the areas. Since then I still visit my family there at least once every other month, and that disparity is beginning to shrink. It's heartbreaking to watch the relatively nice place I spent my adolescence in falling apart due to crime and neglect. It's the responsibility of the property owners first, law enforcement second. If the landlords and homeowners don't care to pay attention to or maintain their properties, the area will only grow as a magnet for more criminal activity, undesirable residents, and the poor reputation that comes with them. I had dreams of moving back to the neighborhood to raise my own family someday, and I hope this project will inspire some confidence in the people in the wonderful place where I grew up.


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