New Bedner Neighborhood Prompts Traffic Concerns

Borough officials and residents are concerned about traffic from the Upper St. Clair housing plan.

Bridgeville residents and municipal officials are concerned about how a new neighborhood planned for Upper St. Clair will affect traffic.

The 134-lot residential development on the Farm estate will include all single-family homes and was presented to the Upper St. Clair planning commission last month.

, along with two entrances already planned for Cook School Road. That has Bridgeville officials concerned and pushing the developer to make changes.

Borough Manager Lori Collins said during Council's meeting Monday night that the Main Street connection has since been taken off the table, but there still might be problems on Cook School Road.

Resident Pasquale DeBlasio said he hoped the borough can use this new development to work with Upper St. Clair to improve the traffic patterns. He said the amount of traffic on Ridge Road and coming down McLaughlin Road causes traffic headaches.

“If we can use this opportunity to fix this problem, it would be time well spent,” DeBlasio said. “Upper St. Clair gets the taxes, we get the traffic.”

Another option for the developer, which apparently would be much more costly, would be to build a road that led directly to Bower Hill Road near the Bedner’s Farm market.


Also during the meeting…

  • Council voted 3-2 against a motion to solicit bids to build a new driveway from the Bridgeville Public Library. Councilmen Jason Sarasnick, Bruce Ghelarducci and William Colussy voted against the measure because they were concerned how the road would impact a nearby homeowner. Nino Petrocelli and Mary Weise abstained because they are on the library board. Instead, the council decided to place stakes in the ground to illustrate the right-of-way and continue to discuss the situation with the nearby property owner on McMilllen Street.
  • Sarasnick said there has been some recent vandalism at Chartiers Park and the borough might consider looking for grant money to install some sort of security measures.
  • The borough accepted a bid from Dennis Fleeher Contracting to fix the collapsed slope near the Liberty Street extension. The work is expected to cost $35,423.
Faye Baine September 13, 2011 at 09:08 PM
The amount of traffic to Ridge rd and Mclauglin run rd........... what about Pesavento dr??? This is going to be a nightmare to the residents on this road! The amount of traffic has already tripled from the new plans up there on the hill past Bednars farm. Some plans need to be put in place to keep this traffic off of our neighborhood streets. They need to put an entrance down in Upper St Clair near the farm Market. They certainly can afford this entrance off of Bowerhill Road. "Upper St. Clair gets the taxes and we get the traffic". I am a resident of Pesavento Dr and can't even imagine how horrible this is going to be. It is sad enough that the farm I grew up near is going to be gone, but to put up with this will make it a horrible situation. Please think of another entrance that won't put ware and tare on our nieghborhood rds.


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