Get Ready for Orange Cones on Greentree Road

Get ready for those dreaded orange construction cones on Greentree Road later this summer.

discussed whether a daylight or evening timeline would work best for upcoming work on water lines along Greentree Road. 

Signs announcing the August start of the work will likely appear next week along the road.

Several commissioners expressed concern with trying to have the work done at night to alleviate traffic tieups only to aggravate residents who live right along the work's path and might be bothered by late night noise. Commissioners decided to stipulate that crews work during daylight hours in residential areas and allow nighttime work in commercial zones.

It's Not Easy Being Green

Commissioner David Jason proposed a green space area might be created in East Carnegie where two vacant properties have fallen into disrepair. The properties sit on Bell and Duncan Avenues. 

Neighbors have requested the properties be torn down, and Jason and some neighbors floated the idea of a green space with trees and some benches on the property. Jason says the neighborhood does not have any parks and the green space idea may qualify for grant funding to create while requiring little upkeep.

Rental Inspections Quandry

Commissioners also discussed how to better enforce the occupancy permit ordinance regarding rental properties. 

Commissioner William Wells questioned how the township is enforcing the ordinance to make rental properties safer. The inspections are only allowed when rental properties are unoccupied. 

The question seems to be how the township is notified when rental units are empty or turn over to new tentants. 

Commissioners say the larger commerical apartment buildings with maintenance staffs are not the real concern. They want to reach out to private landlords to make sure single-family homes or buildings are safely converted or outfitted for multi-family living when it comes to smoke alarms, fire escapes and properly working utilities.

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