Bridgeville Rallies Against Bedner's Neighborhood

Residents could organize a committee to offer alternative entrances to the new USC development.

Nearly 50 people packed Bridgeville’s council meeting Tuesday night that could be coming from a proposed residential development in Upper St. Clair.

could have entrances that feed onto Main Street and other roads in Bridgeville. The residents and borough council contend that the developer could build an alternative entrance to Bower Hill Road, although that would cost more money.

“They’re going to have their cake and eat it, too,” resident Deb Colosimo said. “(Upper St. Clair is) going to have this development, get all the tax revenue and have that road go through our town.”

About a dozen residents spoke during the meeting and asked the council to do everything in its power to stop the access roads coming through Bridgeville. A committee of residents might be formed to offer suggestions to and possibly lobby Upper St. Clair.

Cee Cee McNulty, , said she was pleased with the amount of people who attended the meeting. She hopes the residents, municipal officials and developer can find a way to compromise.

“It’s not so much an issue of a traffic impact, but someone is going to get hurt,” McNulty said. “This is about safety.”

Council President Nino Petrocelli Sr. said he was pleased with the interest taken by the residents and hoped it would continue as they work through the problems.

He said the developer has other options and doesn’t think Bridgeville residents should “suffer the congestion” from a new neighborhood from another township.

“We have a lot of issues with Upper St. Clair and the development to use our roads,” Petrocelli said. “We’re not against the development, by no means. But our roads are not built to add another 800 or 900 cars a day. It’s going to be an absolute disaster.”

He added that , but will exercise less desirable options such as speed bumps if they can’t find a solution.

“There are a lot of things we can do,” he said. “We have a lot of options.”

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Jan January 06, 2012 at 12:15 PM
So much for Bridgeville being a quiet neighborhood, USC has already caused more traffic congestion along Cook school road and Ridge road, now they want to cause more traffic and safety concerns on the other side of Bedners hill on Main street. Yes, with the tax revenue they will bring in they should build their own road down to Bower Hill. The big town should not take advantage of the smaller town.
John Moretown January 07, 2012 at 12:20 AM
This whole thing ridiculous to me. Its called progress people. What makes Bridgeville so special that they can tell other communities what to do. How about we look at the positives. Homes being built means jobs for construction workers. New people moving need to eat and shop some where don't they. Guess that doesn't matter because Bridgeville won't happen because of Bridgeville and their high horse. No one complains of the increased traffic in Collier township along route 50 because it goes from four lanes to two lanes into Bridgeville. In the end they will get what they want and the surrounding communities will suffer.
Bill Mills January 07, 2012 at 01:50 AM
Route 50 in all communities is not a residential road, as is Main St., Cook School Rd and Ridge Rd in Bridgeville. As a resident of Main Street, we don't want any more of Uppity St Clair traffic comming past our home. They speed and have no concern for residents trying to exit our drive ways. Also check to see if Bednar's received money from the state's farmstead program - if they did that farm must remain as a farm.
John Moretown January 07, 2012 at 02:39 AM
Last time I checked roads were ment to be driven on. So if we went by Bridgeville rules we would have isolated little communities at least one mile apart that can only connect with a multilane highway. Last time I drove through. Your town seemed to me you had a lot of residential roads that link neighborhoods hoods together. Perhaps you should erect walls off of Banks street where that neighborhood comes to meet Upper ST. Clair. Scott could also follow your lead and erect walls to divide their roads where they meet Mt. Lebabon or Carnegie. Perhaps everything would be better if every community walled itself off and built everything it could need inside of it. Oh wait that wouldn't work because building something new means progress and jobs so that can't possibly happen.
Bill Mills January 07, 2012 at 07:11 PM
"It's called PROGRESS". Well in the name of "progress" Upper St Clair gets mega dollars ain tax revenues - well in the name of "progress", let the township built an access road directly to Bower Hill Road. In the name of "progress" Upper St Clair Twp already receives mega dollars from developments along Cook School Rd, from Bridgeville to McMillen Rd. We already have too much fraffic from speeding, inconsidate motorists from these developments - hundreds of more vehicles daily is far too much. Safety is our primary concern!!!
Bill Mills January 07, 2012 at 07:14 PM
correction - We already have too much traffic from speeding inconsiderate motorists from these developments - hundreds of more vehicles daily is far too much. SAFETY IS OUR PRIMARY CONCERN!!!!!
John Moretown January 07, 2012 at 07:37 PM
People cut through my neighborhood everyday when they leave their place of work. I will follow in your foot steps and demand that the plant be closed. Be damned with the people that will loose their jobs because I don't want them on my street. No I think I will do the logical thing and call my police department and let them know my concerns. If that does not work then I would ask at a township meeting for the commissioners to have the police look into this matter. Like I said before the people of Bridgeville need to get off their high horse and stop trying to govern other communities.
John Moretown January 07, 2012 at 07:48 PM
The development is only 134 lots. If every lot is built all at once (which isn't going to happen) and assuming those homes average two vehicles each that's only 268 cars. They are proposing two entrances. That means only about 134 to 150 cars would use one entrance a day. Assuming that every car leaves the plan everyday. You people act like they are building a giant city right beside your house over night. It will likely take years for that development to fill up with the way the housing market is right now. That's also assuming that each lot is built on there is a chance that some of those might even be converted to double lots by the home buyers.
Bill Mills January 08, 2012 at 02:03 AM
John Moretown - you have much to say about this situation, but have never said where you live. I don't believe you know what you are talking about. Put all the cards on the table!
Bill Mills January 08, 2012 at 02:08 AM
We, residents of Main St, in Bridgeville were able to walk on our street and neighborhood children could play without fear of speeding inconsiderate motorists comming from USC developments along Cook School Rd, but this is no longer possible, and to add hundreds more vehicles each day stupid.
Bill Mills January 08, 2012 at 02:27 AM
Bridgeville is not on a "high horse" trying to govern other communities - by the same token we're not going to stand still and let Upper St Clair run roughshod over us and tell us they're going to do as they please, just because they have 'big money' people living there. Bednar's Farm Market may not be part of the land sale, however USC can use power of eminent domain to use that property for access to Bower Hill Rd.
Russell F. Kovach Jr. January 08, 2012 at 03:28 PM
Bridgveville used to be a nice town. Now; too many interlopers. Fact is... I overheard in the 1980s how big money planned to dismantle all of the old bars and businesses. A pub was a public place to exchange ideas. Now we have glorified dennys up and down the avenue. (most of the people frequenting these dives are from Mt. leb,st.clair,south fayette, carnegie and collier/scott.) They call us "locals" while they look down their noses at us! Try to run a major road through any of those towns and watch them whine. Oh...and get some sidewalks and a main street like we have and quit using ours. Remember the bars between s.fayette and Bridgeville...gone! The inner city punks started coming and the bars were dismantled. I have 5 generations before me here. I chose to stay. Bridgville is landlocked. There are just as many wealthy and intelligent people in this town,as elsewhere. I see more strangers than ever. The police sent A.T.F. to a guy on my street; suspected of a shooting. The local police know he is a hard worker and harmless. But 7 A.T.F. agents white shirts no I.D. and GUNS pulled,charged my street. Now I go out as if in the city. Once again..run major road through your towns,get sidewalks and your own bars. People grew up and left..some stayed. You want to build more oversized homes? Two people in a large home using more than needed is a sin. Just because you earn or have a lot of money...still does not give you the right to use more resources. Get your own main street!
John Moretown January 08, 2012 at 04:55 PM
I sir live in Collier Township and have all my life. There fore I think I know alittle bit about the area. I ask you again Bill have you ever made a formal complaint in the past to your borough council about speeding in your neighborhood? I am assuming that you didnt, but now you want to use it as an excuse. OH the humanity wont some one please think of the children! Like I stated before Bill neighborhoods intersect in hundreds of places in this area, but it is only a problem on your street apparently. Russell where do you go grocery shopping at? Go to the movies at? Buy clothes at? Buy building materials at? I know it’s not on your pleasant little main street. You have to go to a surrounding community for even the most basic of things. Your "main street" with its beautiful side walks is nothing but a traffic causing nightmare for Collier and South Fayette. Open your eyes your town is nothing without the surrounding communities. We on the other hand could easily survive with out Bridgeville. Guess if it was up to you gentlemen we would still have an undersized and not used airport at Great Southern Shopping Center, and a dirt race track in place of Raceway Plaza.
Russell F. Kovach Jr. January 08, 2012 at 05:40 PM
Yes; the most basic things were here. Just like wal-mart/chinese slave labor products killed small busnesses. We shop at the same stores that have been there. On Washington ave/Main St. You do not know the lay of the land here. It was originally owned by a choice few. HILLY. The traffic flow is already too much. South Fayette whined about a main road to southpoint. PROGRESS is great. But we have no more room for traffic without a major roadway. Period. Go and sit by Chartiers st and main towards highway. Most traffic spilling out from st clair and south fayette. They should have built a circle so they could bypass Bridgeville. We can survive without help. I buy local. The roads you speak of are it. Tell the contractors to spend money on new road. Collier has wash ave and 79. Bridgville is a hub. FACE IT.
John Moretown January 08, 2012 at 05:53 PM
So your telling me that you go no where outside of Bridgeville when you spend your money? Wow sir you must live a pretty sparse life. How's was dinner from the quick mart last night? You face it people only drive though your town because they are forced to. Build that loop you are talking about and see what happens to your beloved main street. I like how in the "Bridgeville" video chevy did a lot of those locations are in Collier township. If you town is all that you say it is why film outside of it? Guess those "outsiders" know the truth and they were here for less than a week.
John Moretown January 08, 2012 at 05:56 PM
On a positive note I do agree with you that Walmart is the down fall of this country. If one thing could symbolize everything that is wrong with this country it would be that store. Sorry to get off subject.
Mike Jones (Editor) January 08, 2012 at 06:08 PM
As someone who grew up in Mt. Lebanon and now lives in South Fayette, I love what all of these communities offer. I love going to Bridgeville's business district for the coffee shop and restaurants, and also shop in Collier and Scott. Every community offers something different. Still, I can understand why people who previously lived on a dead end wouldn't want a new development coming directly through their neighborhood.
Bill Mills January 08, 2012 at 08:58 PM
For the uninformed, The Main Street in these discussions is a purely residential street, no commercial eatablishments what so ever, and is a borough street, paid for, and maintained, entirely by borough taxes. Washington Avenue (Route 50), the main north/south route through Bridgeville is a state road and any blunders are the result of our 'pea brained' PENN DOT. McLaughlin Rd also is a state road. Bower Hill Rd. From Mt Lebanon to McLaughlin Rd in Bridgeville is a county road and our borough taxes are responsible for maintenance to Washington Ave (Rte 50), we don't have the benefit of county maintenance for it's entire length, as does Upper St Clair Twp, Scott Twp and Mt. Lebanon, (looks like we're being screwed by the county as well). As for notifying the police about speeders, this has been done and painted white lines were in place for a several years (still partially visible). The police must park in a resident's driveway to enforce the speed - the police car setting there in full view in both directions, is effective only while the police car is there, and with the tight budget of our borough, and the size of our police force this is not possible often enough. I've been a resident of Bridgeville for nearly all of my 73 years, and the last 43 years on Main Street. For all of the 43 years, Bednar's have been trucking their freshly harvested produce past our home, and this is great, with farming gone their FMkt produce will be no fresher that the supermkts.
Russell F. Kovach Jr. January 09, 2012 at 09:24 AM
Yes; I was using the main st. /wash ave as an example of traffic overflow. Main street/mill st. is residentual. That quicky mart remark was uncalled for. They can spill the traffic over to Mt. Lebo or Upper St. Clair...never happen. All roads seem to lead to Bridgeville. The new housing sitting on hills with nothing but homes. They bypass Bridgeville to go to big box stores. They have peace and quiet. Their children play safely. Use our town tax free. The parkway is set for traffic in the 1950's. So every small town should die? .. My house is paid off and I cook and eat at home with my wife and daughters. Not some glorified food joint! I buy and stay local. We borrow 43 cents on the dollar. This train has to stop. We all will be living like England soon. We do not intend to pay China. Watch and learn. Buy American or local. Take money out of big banks. Buy gold. We are printing money we do not have. Building houses to overtake smaller areas? That is not a neighborhood I want.
Stephen C. McKelvey February 08, 2012 at 12:58 AM
In a time when the housing market is bad why do we need to build houses? Why not invest in our infrastructure,education, or apparently a Bigger Horse for us Bridgeville residents. I grew up in Carnegie, now live in Bridgeville, and I believe that because of development of new homes and lack of foresight places like Carnegie in low valley areas get flooded. You build and build and never take account for what you do when you change the landscape. When these developers are held accountable for their progress mabey then can they accept responsibility and understand, John, WE ARE SICK OF IT!
John Moretown February 08, 2012 at 04:30 AM
Well Stephen guess what pays for infrastructure? The answer would be taxes. I wonder where those come from? Could it be from houses and developments? I do the answer to that would be yes. Last time I checked no one forced you to buy a house in a flood plain. Perhaps that's something you should educate yourself about when you buy a house. What's stopping you for making your house bigger or "developing it"? I say you are scared of change. Put on an addition, add a second story its your house make it what you want. Here's another question if I am a private investor why would I sink my my in building new roads? IF its not a toll road how would I ever get my money back? That sir is what's know as poor business practices. Like I said earlier how you think that you have the right to tell other people how to govern their communities?
Stephen C. McKelvey February 08, 2012 at 09:43 AM
John you still don't get it. I did not buy a house in a flood zone. I live in bridgeville and pay my taxes. Oh by the way where does your children go to school. Last time I checked it wasn't in collier! We have places to eat and shop in bridgeville. If were nothing then don't drive through my neighborhood to get to yours. My family has lived in carnegie all of their lives and what is happening with run off water is because of development for the wealthy and citizens who have lived in one place all of their lives are now subjected to negligence. You didn't answer my question that in a time when foreclosure is at an all time high then why build? I am educated in what I speak but you can't get through to a rock! Im not telling you or anyone what to do but when you will not contribute to a solution don't expect someone else to welcome change in open hearts. Oh buy the way I have added on to my house built retaining wall in my yard and I also used recycled materials that would have gone to a fill. I also used my sweat and time to do this,also I dug around my foundation to waterproof my house. Did i mention I used no machinery just a shovel! Some people actually care!!!
John Moretown February 08, 2012 at 01:46 PM
Actually stephen my children have a 76 percent chance of attending school in Collier township. This is because two for Chartiers Valley three schools are in Collier. Between these two building you will find 10 of the 13 levels of education offered through Chartiers Valley. The other three grades are to be found at the intermediate center located in Scott township. I don't know what you were getting at with your comment but those are facts about the CV district. Second about the housing market in Pittsburgh and I will try to make this simple. The foreclosure rate in this area is extremely low compared to other areas nationally. Nationally the housing market has declined but yet again locally that is not really the case. I will look up hard numbers and post them for you to read, but I am hoping you could simply use google and do some of you own research.


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