Park Could Block Bedner's Entrance

Some Bridgeville residents want a small park to block traffic from dumping out onto Main Street.

A few Bridgeville residents are pushing to build a small park to block the proposed entrance to from dumping traffic onto Main Street.

They suggested calling it Main Street Park or—with tongue placed firmly in cheek—Barrier Park.

Cee Cee McNulty, who lives on the road and is concerned about additional traffic, said three state representatives all suggested the community build a park on its right-of-way in order to force developers to build an entrance elsewhere. The developers previously said because other options are much more costly.

“We need to do whatever we can to fight this,” McNulty said during Monday night meeting. “I don’t think we should allow USC and the developer to just … roll over us. We have to stand up and say enough is enough.”

The council asked whether they could face a legal challenge to a park, but solicitor Richard Ferris doubted there would be a problem because it’s Bridgeville’s property.

“I would have no concern or fear of USC suing the borough with a park,” Ferris said. “That is not an impediment.”

He did caution that the issue should be studied because of costs to build the park and routine upkeep might be more expensive than they suspect. But McNulty said the residents could help raise money, and council Vice President Joe Colosimo thinks the costs could be minimal.

“Put two bushes and a bench there and forget about it,” Colosimo said.

Ferris urged them to be patient with any potential project to make sure it’s done right. Although a few on council agreed with that approach, Councilman Bill Colussy urged them to make a decision immediately or risk getting railroaded by USC and the developer.

“If we can get this park, do it quick. Don’t let them turn the key,” Colussy said while jabbing back and forth with council President Nino Petrocelli. “Whatever we have to put there, even if it’s a statue of you, Nino.”

Council agreed they would “look into the park” idea, but made no promises.

Meanwhile, the borough council agreed to pay $1,600 to HRG Engineering to conduct a traffic impact study on Bower Hill and McLaughlin Run roads. The borough officials hope that will give them some evidence .

“We need a traffic engineer on our behalf to make sure they’re doing everything up to par,” borough Manager Lori Collins said.


Also during the meeting

  • The next public hearing for the Bedner’s development on March 5 has been moved to the community room of . There will also be a public informational meeting at the Bridgeville fire hall on Feb. 22 at 6:30 p.m.
  • Councilwoman Mary Weise said she continues to see problems at Dewey Avenue and McMillen Street near the , and would like to see a four-way stop installed. Petrocelli said they have been bickering about the issue for the past year and suggested they make a final decision at next month’s council meeting.
  • Some residents have been complaining about the on-street parking situation along McLaughlin Run Road and Laurel Street. said he is reviewing the ordinance and the borough might have to install updated parking signs so officer can enforce the rules.
Lisa Magliocca Speeler February 14, 2012 at 05:36 PM
This sounds like a great idea. I'm sure Bville residents would be all for it. Sounds like a good project for Boy/Girl scouts.
fran jones February 15, 2012 at 04:33 PM
best do something before it is too late. It seems Bridgeville gets railroaded all the time. Good idea to put a park in order to win whatever it takes.


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