More News on the Bedner Property Issue

On Monday, July 9, the Bridgeville Borough Council learned of a law on the books that prevents a closed road to reopen without the consent of the residents.

Bridgeville is geting the upper hand in its dispute with Upper St. Clair over the Bedner property issue.

In the July 9 meeting, after a short executive session, the Bridgeville council voted not to act on the Bedner petition.

According to the council, the borough does not have the right to the property in question. Solicitor Richard Ferris said, "Any street not open for 21 years cannot reopen without the consent of 51 percent of the owners."

Solicitor Richard Ferris introduced the public to Thomas McDermott, an attorney form Gaitens, Tucceri and Nicholas, who was counsel on the matter.

by Neil Lyons, a neighbor who lives next to the small patch of grass near a farm gate, to remove that area from the street map. Bridgeville officials insist that option is still on the table, but borough Manager Lori Collins had said they first wanted to “make sure it’s done right” to protect the residents.

Ever since the council voted in April to initiate removing the end of the street from the borough’s road map, lawyers from the neighboring township have warned Bridgeville against making that move.

In other council news:

Robert Fryer discussed a plan to alleviate congestion on Washington Road. The solution, which Fryer claims came from several planning commissions, involves turning Washington Road into a one-way street and turning Shady Avenue into a major thoroughfare going the opposite direction.

Jason Sarasnick got into a heated debate with Fryer, claiming that Shady, Hickman and Station streets could not handle the capacity of traffic, such as tractor trailers and other oversized vehicles.

The council concluded the matter by deciding to leave the discussion open.

Jay Steck reported an issue he was having with a difficult neighbor. Steck claims that the neighbor's dog is defacating in his property on purpose and even found evidence of dog feces on the roof of his garage, claiming that the neighbors were intentionally disposing of it by hurling it on to the garage roof. Steck had a list of allegations against his neighbor and was encouraged to speak with police Chief Chad King after the meeting to further discuss the matter.

The borough council approved the Bird Consolidation Plan, a R-1 zoning issue submitted on behalf of Donald and Barbara Bird, to consolidate their property located at 316 St Clair St. and 313 Prestley Rd.

Council approved the conditional use application submitted on behalf of Jeremy Martincic to establish his scooter dealership, Hometown Scooters.

Council approved of the payment for a bill that came due on the Washington Avenue Streetscape Project.

In his committee report, King discussed the crime spree perpetrated by Michael Tharp, 28, of Cecil, and Wanda Balukus, 51, of Bridgeville.

"The crime spree started when Tharp stole a wallet and credit card from a customers at on June 18," King said. "He gave the credit card to his mom, who later used it to buy beer and cigarettes."

King praised his officers for their work on the case. He also reported that the Bridgeville police made more than 50 criminal arrests in June. He is hoping that the break in the weather will cause the crime level to lessen.

Fire Chief William Chilleo discussed possibly having an Open House in October to focus on fire prevention and fire safety.

Engineer Joe Sites gave a shout out to the Public Works Department. "They're doing a wonderful job. Kudos to the Public Works Department."

Mary Weise spoke about the Farmers Market on Tuesdays that runs until September. She also said the Bridgeville Historical Society is in need of additional volunteers.


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