Two Crashes Clog Vanadium Road

A pair of serious car accidents Saturday morning on Vanadium Road are raising more questions about the safety of the road.

A pair of serious car accidents Saturday morning on Vanadium Road has one prominent emergency responder wondering if recent changes to the roadway fixed the problem.

Crews responded to a three-car crash near the railroad tunnel around 8:30 a.m. that caused some of the motorists to be hospitalized.

About an hour latter, a driver heading up Vanadium apparently lost control of his car when he hit the railroad tracks and crashed into a minivan going in the opposite direction. The driver of the car was taken to St. Clair Hospital.

The woman driving the van had to be cut out of the vehicle and was taken to a Pittsburgh area hospital, said. Her son in the van, who is disabled, was taken to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh.

Lewis said oil could be seen oozing out of the pavement after both of the crashes when heavy rain drenched the roadway.

“You could see the oil coming out of the road,” Lewis said. “It was slippery. That road is ridiculous. You could see the rainbow colored water coming out of the road.”

Lewis said he’s worried about the roadway and thinks speeding–not the road surface–is causing the problem. in an effort to prevent crashes.

But Lewis thinks that milling work is also causing problems because tires have less of the road surface to grip.

More information was not available on the earlier crash near the railroad tunnel.

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ella September 10, 2012 at 01:21 PM
I see both sides of this story. From a driver's perspective, I really dislike going downhill on Vanadium from Washington Pike. The 25mph speed limit makes perfect sense, however, it's hard on the brakes to maintain that. But the pavement, too, has proven to be problematic. I'm just worried that, with the houses so close to the road on Montgomery Avenue, someone will be struck by an out-of-control vehicle. Not to mention, I often see pedestrians walking this stretch of road. I suppose it is a combination of troubles--ill-paved roadways, highly trafficked areas, speed, and carelessness.
Terry Evangelista September 10, 2012 at 01:56 PM
I have worked at the office complex behind this area for the past 12 years. There was never a problem in this area until they repaved the road about 2 years ago. Ever since then every time the pavement is wet there are accidents. One year after paving they milled the problem areas to provide more stability, but that hasn't worked. I don't know if they changed the slope of the road, but ever since they repaved there has been an increased number of accidents in this area. I would see 1 to 3 accidents every week after the repave. Before they repaved I would see 1 to 3 accidents per year.
ella September 10, 2012 at 09:23 PM
I heard on the radio today that there was yet ANOTHER accident at Vanadium and Main Street. I was listening around 3:30 or so...
Kathy Lewis September 10, 2012 at 09:34 PM
I live off of and travel this road on a daily basis. Today, as I am waiting for my granddaughter to get off of the school bus, there is yet another accident at the corner of Main and Vanadium. Something definitely needs to be done with this road. As for the pedestrians that walk this road, there are many homes within walking distance of the shopping centers, which makes perfectly good sense for them to walk. Unfortunately, the road has no sidewalks, or pedestrian crosswalks,(although Collier township has been contacted regarding this) with the exception of the top of Vanadium Road, which is very dangerous, to drive out of in a car, let alone cross it walking. Speeding is a definite factor in the accidents, maybe periodic speed traps or more police presence would slow the drivers down.
Mike Jones September 11, 2012 at 12:38 AM
You're right... Talked to Bower Hill firefighters and will have something up on the website about it Tuesday morning.


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