Phishing Scam Targets Apple Users

Pennsylvania State Police are warning Apple users to safeguard their login and user information.

Pennsylvania State Police warn Apple users to safeguard their login and user information after a series of reported phishing scams.

Police said Apple users have been targeted in the scam, which involves receiving emails informing them that their Apple ID has been suspended, and directing them to a remote site that requests their account and password information. 

The scam appears to be an effort to collect personal information from Apple users, according to a police statement. 

The typical message reads: 

Your Apple ID has been temporarily suspended! Somebody else just tried to sing [sic] in into [sic] your Apple account from another IP address. Please re-confirm your identity today or your account will be suspended due to concerns we have for the safety and integrity of the Apple Community. Please click here to Activate your Apple ID [link]. 

Police said it is not known how scammers will use the information collected. Apple users who believe they have fallen victim to the scam should immediately change their Apple passwords. 

State police say the following factors are warning signs for a phishing scam: 

  • Misspelled words, poor grammar in the body of an email. 
  • Links located in the message. Before you click on any link, you should hover over it with your mouse. If you see a string of numbers instead of a website name, do not click. 
  • Threats located within your message. If the email states that your account will be suspended or your security is compromised, then it is likely a scam. 
  • Popular companies are often selected to be the front for a scam: Including Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. 


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