Driver Accused of DUI After Crashing with 5-Year-Old Daughter in Car

A Pittsburgh man was allegedly high on marijuana when he crashed on Campbells Run Road with his 5-year-old daughter in the car. Read about that and other crime news in the weekly Collier Township police blotter.

A Pittsburgh man was allegedly high on marijuana when he crashed near the Parkway West in Collier with his 5-year-old daughter in the car.

Collier Township police said they responded to a crash on Campbells Run Road around 3 a.m. on Feb. 15 and found the driver, John Gramz, 33, apparently under the influence of drugs.

His car had crashed into a guardrail and sustained damage to the front fender and wheel, police said.

Police said they found Gramz’s 5-year-old daughter in the car during the early-morning crash. Neither of them was injured in the crash.

Gramz was charged with driving under the influence of a controlled substance, child endangerment and marijuana possession.

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Collier Township

DUI crash: Anthony Beckman, 23, of North Fayette, was charged with drunken driving following a crash on Noblestown Road near the BFI Waste complex on Feb. 16, Collier Township police said.

Public drunkenness arrest: Collier police said they charged Diane Kaiser, 50, of Robinson Township, with public drunkenness on Feb. 20 while at the Buy & Fly convenience store on Campbells Run Road.

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Garth February 28, 2013 at 05:06 AM
So where are all of the "lets legalize marijuana" folks now? They always claim that weed cant cause impairment...
Roger February 28, 2013 at 06:13 PM
Garth, they vanish when confronted with the reality of the matter. This is one of many stories posted each week where marijuana is involved. The claim that "it doesn't harm anybody" is false, and the advocates know it to be false. Recall the death of toddlers in a stroller in Mt Lebanon a couple of years ago. The driver of the car that hit them was under the influence of marijuana. His life has been altered as he now sits in jail. "... does not harm anybody ..." never has been true, isn't true for the mother who lost her children, nor the multitudes of others who start with marijuana, then move to harder drugs.
Mike Jones February 28, 2013 at 06:18 PM
I guess you both missed the police blotter item directly below it involving an alcohol-related crash the next day? And just to correct you, Roger, the mother was killed by the SUV in Mt. Lebanon. The two toddlers were somehow uninjured.
Roger February 28, 2013 at 07:36 PM
Thanks for the correction, Mike. I tried to find the story, but was unable to do so. I recall it was the kids in the stroller, but will stand corrected. Yes, I did see the DUI story. But, these stories have become so common. You do a great job to report Police Blotter items. So many of them have lots of, sometimes nearly all, entries of DUI, drugs, or other similar involved. I continue to be amazed why so many of our citizens choose these behaviors, at the risk of others, and themselves. It matters not if it was marijuana, prescription drugs, heroin, cocaine, K2, alcohol, or the myriad of other mind-altering substances. One is no better, or worse than the other in terms of danger to themselves, or others. It is a sad commentary. Keep up the reporting, despite the negative outcomes.
Mike Jones February 28, 2013 at 08:06 PM
@Roger... Here's the story by the Trib about the sentencing... http://triblive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/news/s_772397.html#axzz2ME5KdUq8


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