Bridgeville Police Arrest Smash-And-Grab Thief

Bridgeville police are preparing to file charges against the man they say is responsible for the string of car break-ins in January.

Bridgeville police are filing charges against the man they say is responsible for the string of car break-ins earlier this year.

Phillip Acosta, 25, formerly of Bridgeville, is accused of numerous thefts from cars and other crimes in the borough last January.

Police said they were able to link Acosta to the break-ins using DNA evidence from blood found at the scene. Investigators said Acosta admitted to many of the more than 20 “smash-and-grab” car break-ins that occurred in January.

Most items that were taken were GPS units or cell phones, but in several cases, the thief only took a couple bucks from the coin slot. Investigators do not think Acosta was involved in the numerous  unlocked cars burglaries in Collier and Bridgeville in December 2011.

Police were able to retrieve blood from one of the break-ins and matched it to Acosta last month.

Acosta is being charged with 17 counts of theft from motor vehicle, 17 counts of receiving stolen property, 24 counts of criminal mischief and six counts of criminal attempt.

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clint eastwood December 24, 2012 at 01:11 PM
Good job ,its nice to see the Bridgeville police don't give up on cases .... Hope Mr Acosta likes the county jail for Christmas
fc December 24, 2012 at 04:05 PM
GREAT JOB BRIDGEVILLE POLICE!! I agree with Clint! And Mr. Acosta, cheaters never win....KARMA!!


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