Booze Used to Light Man's Leg on Fire

Two men are charged with using Bacardi 151 rum to set the fire.

Two men face multiple charges after police said they poured Bacardi 151 rum on a Heidelberg man’s leg and set him on fire while he slept on a couch.

The man suffered severe burns and police said the two suspects put everyone else in the 13-unit apartment complex in danger.

Steve Iorio had been out at the bar with friends on Sept. 22 when he passed out at a West Railroad Street apartment, said.

As Iorio slept, police said the two other men, Brandon Washington, 25, of Collier Township, and David A. Blair Jr., 31, of Heidelberg, poured Bacardi 151 rum on his leg. Police said Washington and Blair Jr. then ignited the rum, which has a high alcohol content and is very flammable, severely burning the back of Iorio’s left leg.

Barkley said Iorio suffered first and second degree burns on his leg and the wounds still have not healed.

“(Iorio) is still seeing doctors for these injuries while racking up numerous medical bills,” Barkley said. “He will have permanent scarring and is in pain daily.”

Police have been investigating for nearly a month as they tried to determine who was inside the living room when Iorio’s leg was set on fire. Barkley said two other people were in the apartment at the time, but only came into the living room after they heard Iorio screaming in pain.

“Alcohol can burn a lot hotter than gasoline sometimes,” Barkley told Chartiers Valley Patch.

Washington and Blair Jr. will be charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, ethnic intimidation, conspiracy and risking a catastrophe. Barkley said he was especially concerned that the fire could have ignited the couch and spread throughout the 13-unit apartment building at 1654 W. Railroad St.

“If that couch had gotten going, it could’ve all gone up,” Barkley said. “(They) endangered everyone in that building.”

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