Chef Lends Talents for Filming of Food Network Show

The show, Restaurant: Impossible, films at Del's in Bloomfield on Thursday.

is taking on the impossible.

Restaurant: Impossible, that is.

Kerber of will be involved in the Thursday filming of the Food Network show in Pittsburgh, which gives its star, Robert Irvine, and a local crew a chance to rescue a struggling restaurant. This particular episode will be filmed at Del’s Bar and Ristorante in Bloomfield.

“The producer from Food Network called me last week and I thought it was a friend pulling my leg,” Kerber said.

That producer did a local search on the Internet for the restaurant and stumbled upon Kerber’s own website, Pittsburgh Hot Plate, and a less than flattering review of Del’s.

“They go in and retool restaurants and address the issues there,” Kerber said of the show. “My family and I went there for dinner one night and their food was inedible and I wrote a not very good review on the site.”

At the same time, being a chef, Kerber said he wants all restaurants to be successful and was simply being honest.

As a part of the show, each restaurant that needs help goes through a makeover of sorts, followed by a grand reopening.

“I think they will come in and film me at my work, and the producer also asked if I would be willing to speak to the owner about the food as a chef, not as a patron,” Kerber said.

No matter how small his part in the episode becomes after editing, Kerber is thrilled with the opportunity as a local chef himself.

“The exposure is awesome,” he said. “Everyone wants to be on Food Network and to be a chef and get your foot in a little bit is great. I don’t know what to expect.”

Also, on the night of the grand reopening, Kerber will write a new review after the menu is revamped for local customers.

Kerber is the owner and executive chef of Chaz Catering LLC, and specializes in all types of gatherings as well as nutritional coaching. His clients include private individuals, professional sports figures, and corporate entities. 

This story originally appeared on Forest Hills-Regent Square Patch


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