What a Woman Wants; South Hills Writer Gwyn Cready Teaches Tom Cruise

Modern romance novels, like those by South Hills writer Gwyn Cready, have something to teach us all.

The other day my family and I sat down to watch the 2010 movie Knight and Day starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.  It is a fast paced spy/romance/comedy bang bang shoot ‘em up and kiss kiss kind of film with enough of both kiss and shoot to keep to the 2 males and 3 females of our unit happy.  Half way through I realized, though I am sure the boys did not, that the film has all the qualities of something they would never be caught dead reading: a modern romance novel.  Or at least one of the fun and spicy romance novels written by Mt Lebanon resident and internationally published author Gwyn Cready, featured in Wise Women’s June issue.

 In Cready’s books, as in the movie, the hero is over-the-top capable and drop dead handsome, with a great sense of humor but never too self-serious.  The heroine, finding herself unexpectedly in an exotic and dangerous situation, quickly shows resourcefulness, courage, and awesome pistol aim she never knew she had.  The hero falls hard for her, but not in a cloying annoying kind of way; he shows admiration for her abilities, respect for her needs and a willingness to treat her as a partner.  They take turns saving each other’s lives and ultimately drive off into the implied happily ever after, with nary a wedding dress, household chore, or pay inequality issue in sight.

Of course, the chemistry is intense and the hero is a wee bit of a bad boy - but with integrity. He is someone you could take home to mom or proudly exhibit to friends - if you needed that kind of validation, which Cready’s confident heroines do not.

Total fantasy? Yes, but this kind of book has created a 1.4 BILLION dollar industry, greater than the mystery and science-fiction genres combined.  Cready contends the romance novel has changed a lot since the 1970’s.  A far cry from the old stereotype, Cready’s novels are full of witty dialogue and clever steamy scenes (double entendre anyone?) The values that come through her characters are self determination; self-reliance; vibrancy; respect; mutual appreciation; integrity; loyalty; and valuing another’s needs.

Judging by the positive reception my husband and son gave the romance novel in movie format (though they did groan at the kissy parts) the appeal of these values is not limited to one gender.  Despite a tendency in the male-dominated literary world to snuff at the romance genre, the wider world would do well to heed what women seem to want.  It could be good for business, and a more amicable world.

Wise Women is an E-journal for and about dynamic women in Pittsburgh’s South Hills.  You can join – it’s free – at wisewomenlife.com.

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