St. Clair Hospital’s ER Wins Award

Press Ganey Associates named the hospital's emergency room a 2011 Success Story Award winner.

Press Ganey Associates has named ’s emergency room a 2011 Success Story Award winner.  

The Success Story Award from Press Ganey, a national organization that measures the quality of care that hospitals provide to patients, recognized St. Clair for demonstrating leadership, implementing organizational change and improving performance in its ER. St. Clair is one of only six organizations across the U.S. to receive the award for patient satisfaction performance.

The Fine Awards, sponsored by Pittsburgh-based The Fine Foundation and the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, were established to reinforce the critical role teamwork plays in health care. St. Clair won for “Sustaining Excellence in Patient Flow in the Emergency Room.”

Three weeks earlier, in the fourth annual Fine Awards for Teamwork Excellence in Health Care.

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june muraco December 12, 2011 at 01:17 PM
After having been to St. Clair several times lately, for different reasons, I was treated like old home week and felt very confidant in and comfortable with the staff. Also visiting Dr. Phanse's office for pre opt instructions, about my upcoming colonoscopy, I found the nurses to be helpful and pleasant, just great people there. And was aware that they knew what they were doing, and doing it correctly. My daughter had been admitted for several weeks just recently and found the same to be true. She actually became so attached to some of the staff she cried when she left there. Couldn't say enough about them, were so compassionate and caring. As I recall years ago being in the hospital and actually afraid of some of the nurses who were very intimidating, this was not at St. Clair incidentally and I'm sure that has changed by now. Thank you for this opportunity to express my comments about the hospital from a patient's perspective. June Muraco.
june muraco December 12, 2011 at 01:26 PM
OH, lol, I'm feeling the best that I can, and thanks for asking.
Mike Jones December 12, 2011 at 02:29 PM
I got nine stitches there 24 years ago when a Big Wheel hit me in the forehead. Thanks to the good doctors there, because the scar disappeared long ago!
Robert Scabilloni March 08, 2012 at 11:59 PM
I was admitted to St.Clair Dec 2010.I was very sick an know that i should definitely not be here. But because of the excellent skills of Dr.Ripepi and all the nurses in the ICU unit, I was able to enjoy my 45th birthday with my children. I can`t say enough of how these doctors and nurses treated me such great care kindness compassion. They always pay it forward!!!! Because of them I get to spend a lifetime with my greatest assets my children and wife.THANK YOU SO MUCH ST CLAIR DOCTORS AND NURSES YOU GUYS ARE TRULY AWESOME Bob Scabilloni


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