Quaint Barber Shop Still a Popular Spot

Kireacos Barber Shop in Bridgeville is one of the few remaining in area

Kireacos Sotereanos doesn’t schedule appointments for his tiny barber shop in Bridgeville.

He doesn’t need to with the perfect spot on Station Street that draws in men who need just a few snips off the top.

“I mostly get regulars,” Sotereanos said. “But every once in a while you’ll see a straggler.”

The barber whom customers affectionately call “Harry” has become somewhat of a staple in town as many other shops around the area close as barbers retire.

Sotereanos, who lives in White Oak and is an avid motorcyclist and boater, has owned the shop for more than 20 years. He operated a beauty salon in Squirrel Hill before getting his barber’s license and opening up shop in Bridgeville.

He hasn’t regretted that decision.

“Bridgeville and its people have been very good to me,” he said.

Before he took over, another barber held a successful business here for more than 30 years. Sotereanos was looking for an affordable place and bought the business and equipment for a few thousand bucks.

“Talked to the man for about five minutes and bought the shop,” Sotereanos said. “It was simple as that. I was in business.”

The charming barber shop has newspaper clippings on the walls, photos of Las Vegas and plants everywhere. Although Sotereanos is a one-man crew, he has three other old-fashioned barber chairs lined up in front of the mirrors to add to the nostalgia of the place.

It’s a far cry from the mega-chain salons that seem to be sprouting all over the place. is quite a bit cheaper, too.

“There’s not many places you can find a haircut for $10,” he said. “Not many left.”

And there aren’t many places left where you can find a quaint neighborhood setting with a friendly barber to take a little bit off the top.


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