Retailers Happy About New Streetscape

Retailers say they don’t mind the orange cones and wooden planks that surround their storefronts because the work will improve Bridgeville's business district.

Bridgeville’s streetscape project has , but that seems to be just a small price to pay for improving the town’s main business district.

Retailers say they don’t mind the orange cones and wooden planks that surround their storefronts, and it apparently hasn’t hurt business as construction crews begin the second phase of the sidewalk renovations.

Tracy Artman, who owns on the main drag near Station Street, said she didn’t mind the nuisance from construction because it’s improving the town’s appearance, which she hopes will attract new customers and businesses.

“It did impact business a little, but I’m so grateful they did it,” Artman said. “It looks great. I love the look of the sidewalks. It’s a total bonus and a facelift for Bridgeville. In the end, I think it helps everyone.”

She was especially pleased when construction workers building the sidewalks outside her shop helped an elderly woman with a cane cross the busy street.

“They were so nice,” Artman said. “If they saw a customer, they would move the (wooden plank) ramps for them.”

The construction crews began on the eastern side of Washington Avenue in late April and recently completed the work there.

Now there are cones and boards on the side of the street where and Castaway’s are located. Christine Murray, who is part-owner of the new , said they’re fortunate because most customers use the side entrance on Station Street.

“It doesn’t terribly affect us being on the corner like it does the other businesses,” Murray said. “We just can’t post signs our front right now.”

Murray and her business partner, Lesa Morgan, also work at the across the street. That construction on that caused some “disorder” because a parking lot used by employees in that area was blocked.

“That was more of a nightmare,” she said. “It was a big pain for a little, but we made it work.”

Still, she’s looking forward to seeing how the new streetscape and landscaping improve the business climate throughout the town. She hopes pedestrian crosswalks can also be improved to help people walking through the area.

“I think it’s going to be great when it’s done,” Murray said. “I’m glad they’re taking the time to clean it up.”

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