Boot Camp Workouts Becoming Popular

5-week workout in South Fayette and Canonsburg begins Oct. 17.

You may be familiar with the term boot camp as it relates to the military. But there is a different kind of boot camp that even non-military individuals can participate in.

Although they attract different audiences, the goals are the same: to blast calories, burn fat and most importantly, get into shape.

"Boot camp fitness is a type of training that is similar to military workouts but incorporates group and personal training into the workout," said JR Price, a personal trainer and boot camp instructor at Katie Page's Fitness Bootcamp, which offers organized boot camp workouts in Canonsburg and South Fayette. "We especially like to incorporate the personal training of the workout, as it is important that not only are the workouts challenging and unique, but well-monitored to ensure the health and safety of each of the boot camp recruits, or participants."

According to Price, boot camp workouts differ from other workouts in that a boot camp utilizes multiple types of workouts in the same time frame, thereby engaging the entire body in various ways. However, a group class offered at a gym or health club may target just one specific type of workout during the allotted time frame.

While it is difficult to explain in simple terms just what type of exercises are performed during a boot camp workout, as each one is different, Price said that one thing remains constant. "I always go back to the basic exercises and ensure that everyone is performing them correctly. I love pushups, jump squats, situps and lunges, which all can be modified to the individual participant to either make them harder or to adjust to an injury," she said.

Although each boot camp participant may have her own goals to fulfill, Price suggests that she set no time frame in which to achieve those goals—nor should she only set one goal.

"Boot camp is a lifestyle change," Price explained. "You will get out of it what you put into it. If you set your mind to it, you may find yourself accomplishing your goals and then setting more. Many of our recruits reach their goals and decide they want more, and go on to become lifetime members of bootcamp!"

For more information about fitness boot camps or to inquire about participating in one, call Katie Page at 724-941-3185 or visit www.katiepagefitness.com.

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