Bethel Bakery Holding Presidential Cookie Election

Bethel Bakery decided it was only fitting to hold its own election with presidential cookies after the notorious CookieGate scandal earlier this year.

Bethel Bakery is holding its own presidential confection election running from now through Election Day, Nov. 6.

Votes can be cast by purchasing star-shaped shortbread cookies in red for Republican and in blue for Democrat. Each cookie is worth one vote, unless you purchase the larger Obama or Romney picture cookie, which is worth six votes.  Red, white and blue jimmie star cookies are available for the Independent or undecided voter.

When Bob Direng, of South Park, learned of the confection election this week while buying some sweet treats as a gift, he immediatedly asked to buy an Obama picture cookie.

"I think it's great," he said of the political contest.

"If this guy (Mitt Romney) wins ... I'm moving to Canada," he added.

With the political spotlight from the CookieGate scandal earlier this year, Bethel Bakery decided it was only fitting to hold its own election with its now notorious cookies. 

If you don't remember, Romney offended Bethel Bakery fans in April when he said:

"I'm not sure about these cookies. They don't look like you made them. No, no. They came from the local 7-eleven, bakery, or whatever."

The new confection election cookies are available at the bakery daily and delivery is available for out-of-town voters in a 30-vote box that contains 18 star cookies and two picture cookies. 

If you would like to place an order please call  412-835-6658 or email info@BethelBakery.com

A running tally will be available in the store or on Bethel Bakery’s Facebook page. This week, President Obama is leading with more than 450 votes. Governor Romney is trailing with just about 275 votes.

Even if you’re “not sure about these cookies,” let your voice be heard and enjoy a delicious treat all at the same time!

CookieGate T-shirts are also available for purchase on BethelBakery.com.

This story originally appeared on Upper St. Clair Patch

steve swank September 19, 2012 at 10:14 PM
These cookies are not what they are made up to be... OVER RATED to say the least. I will stick with their yum-yums... a much better choise than those dry shortbread items,.


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