Bedner's Farm Considers New Residential Plan

Questions remain whether there should be a neighborhood connection to Bridgeville.

A new 134-lot residential development on the Farm estate was presented to the Upper St. Clair Planning Commission on Thursday night.

JT Thomas Homes and Heartland Homes have a sales agreement with the heirs of the Bedner's estate pending the township's approval of the neighborhood.

The preliminary plan includes all single-family homes—no apartment buildings or duplexes. Part of the plan would include Heartland Homes starting in the lower $300,000 range to the $450,000 range. A second part of the development would include homes in the $400,000 to $700,000 range. The JT Thomas homes in the back of the neighborhood would start at $700,000 and would be similar to the Fox Chase neighborhood in Upper St. Clair.

"We're excited about this project. We really want to get this going," said Marty Gillespie, president of Heartland Homes. "I went to , my parents still live here and we're excited because it's been awhile for new construction in Upper St. Clair that's not $600,000 plus."

Ideally, Gillespie said they would like to start the project in spring 2012. The preliminary plan shows the third and final phase of the project ending in 2020.

Township staff has reviewed the plan and is requesting neighborhood entrance points on Bower Hill Road and Main Street in Bridgeville, along with the two entrances already planned for Cook School Road.

Kim Gales, a representative for the developers, said a connection to Bower Hill Road would be nearly impossible. First of all, she said the developers do not own the land along Bower Hill Road. Second, the mines and the grading of the land would require a huge bridge to be built to connect to Bower Hill Road, which she estimated would cost more than $1 million. 

As for a connection to Main Street in Bridgeville, the developers would rather end the road in a cul-de-sac for aesthetic reasons, but are willing to add the entrance point if they must.

Scott Brilhart, Upper St. Clair's director of community development, said he would like to see a connection to Main Street to give some relief to the drivers trying to get to Interstate 79.

However, he said Bridgeville Borough officials are against the Main Street connection because they do not want additional traffic in Bridgeville.

As for residents with traffic worries, Gillespie said there will be a traffic study performed. He said the initial traffic study showed nothing worrisome and that the residential development would cause the lowest impact traffic possible. 

Brilhart said the development of the Bedner's estate is part of the township's comprehensive plan. He said the township is encouraging the developers to "explore some other housing products to market to different demographics," such as young professionals, empty nesters and families with young children.

Thursday's hearing will be continued at the next planning commission meeting on Thursday, Sept. 15 in the .

Mrs. McNulty August 21, 2011 at 04:30 PM
If the developers want access roads to Bower Hill Road they should build new ones. While I am pleased to know the new development of Bednar's Farm will be completed by reputable builders, I am concerned about additional traffic on residential streets in Bridgeville. I live on Main Street in Bridgeville, there has been a substantial increase in traffic from USC neighborhoods in the Cook School Road area over the past 35 years. My neighbors include older residents and young families. We do not need to compromise the safety needs of these residents for the convenience of prospective residents in another municipality.
Sandra August 21, 2011 at 06:58 PM
I understand its "upper st. clair" but are there really enough people/jobs in the area (that pay enough) to constitute building homes worth over 300k. How about some real housing plans that young working families can afford rather than try to scrape buy in a run down apt/ house because its all thats available in their price range. Sure, they are not huge money makers for the developers, but I bet they would sell and wouldnt eventually end up in foreclosure because yet again, people got into a house they could afford at the time, but lost their high paying position to this wonderful economy.
Deborah Miller-Gurchak August 26, 2011 at 02:13 PM
Please take a look at Peters Township...we have a developement that has been planned for Anthony Farms...sadly they did lots of land movement. I haven't seen many homes being built and the sign declares homes start at $660.000! Has anyone been watching the economy!!!


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