Streetscape Project Causing Traffic Nightmare

Bridgeville’s streetscape construction project is putting a heavy toll on traffic along Route 50, forcing the town to temporarily end left-hand turns onto Station Street.

Bridgeville’s current is putting a heavy toll on traffic through town.

The work has reduced a lane of traffic and caused severe back-ups as some motorists try to turn left from Route 50 onto Station Street.

In response, the borough is restricting left turns from Route 50 onto Station Street every day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. in an attempt to keep traffic moving. The new signs went up Wednesday, directing people to find a way onto Station Street using other secondary roads.

“There are some elements of public safety we have to do deal with,” . “I’m sure people won’t like it … but it won’t be too hard to go around the block to get there.”

King said he noticed a severe backup not long after construction crews shut down one lane along Route 50 on April 25. He hopes the turning restrictions to Station Street, which could last for the rest of the summer, will be a minor inconvenience to keep traffic moving.

“It’s just temporary until the construction is over with,” King said.

King suggested drivers coming from South Fayette turn onto Hickman Street to get to Station Street. Motorists coming from Bower Hill Road or Collier Township should turn onto Murray Avenue to avoid the detour.

The construction is also causing problems with pedestrians as the sidewalks near Burgh’s Pizza & Wing are being ripped up. Cathy Goble, an inspector for Gateway Engineer, said she is worried that some people are walking too close to construction equipment and moving cars.

“If you see us working there, cross the street and go on the other side,” Goble said. “There might be some businesses they need to get to, but try to stay away from the (construction) equipment if you can.”

She asked people to stay away from construction crews as they move up the street.

Workers hope to put up temporary boarded walkways after digging the sidewalk so pedestrians can reach the businesses. It’s a temporary inconvenience in an effort to keep people safe in a construction zone.

“I don’t want them walking beside the machines where they’re working so they can get accidentally injured,” Goble said.

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Charleston Charlie May 04, 2012 at 02:49 AM
Closed sidewalks and intoxicated people do not mix.
Mike Jones May 04, 2012 at 04:16 AM
Neither does heavy machinery.


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