Tri-Community Upgrade Plan Outlined

Pittsburgh company presented comprehensive plan to improve Scott, Heidelberg and Carnegie.

A community planner spoke to a group of residents and community leaders from Scott, Heidelberg and Carnegie about their Tri-Community Revitalization Project.

Jim Pashek of Pashek Associates, and one of his associates, Paul Gilbert, detailed their comprehensive package to address specific needs during their Wednesday night presentation.

The communities’ number one concern was Chartiers Creek, and the other four were walkability (creating green spaces for pedestrian use and creating trails in the area), land usage, Carnegie and Carothers Avenue.

“Hurricane Ivan was a unique event," Gilbert said about the massive flooding in 2004. "There are slim chances of a reoccurrence. Public perception is still an issue. I don’t want to belittle the devastation of the flood.”  

Pashek and Associates designed a pamphlet that can be administered to residents to warn them about any possible incident and to watch warning signs in case of another flood. Gilbert outlined plans for creating an access point to Chartiers Creek.

“Currently, access to the creek is limited. The banks are steep," Gilbert said. "We looked at three main access potential points, specifically the Honus Wagner Apartments, Irishtown, and under the Heidelberg underpass.

“By providing more recreational use of the creek, it can increase property values in the neighborhood," he added. "That would draw in more developers who would potentially build in the area.”

Gilbert then talked about walkability and creating sidewalks and trails to increase property values. Pedestrians are more likely to capitalize on local amenities, he said.

One issue for Scott was repairing the sidewalk that leads in to Carnegie. The area in front of CJ’s Bistro right at the Carnegie/Scott township line is dilapidated.

Pashek and Gilbert went into greater detail discussing the issues of Carothers Avenue in Scott Township, noting the limited parking, narrow street and steep terrain.

"We have a two-fold vision for Carothers that involves the reorganization of land uses and improving the facades along the avenue," Gilbert said.

Afterward, Scott Township Municipal Manager Denise Fitzgerald praised the Pashek plan.

“Regarding Scott, I think the items on their plan are all achievable," she said.

Pat Caruso, president of the Scott Board of Commissioners, agreed.

“I think there are some wonderful opportunities present here tonight," Caruso said. "I love the idea of improving walkability in the area.”


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