Is That a Football on the Thanksgiving Dinner Table?

Whatever happens during dinner this year, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

As I understand it, my dad and my uncle, when they were children, were just trying to get out of my grandmother's way when they went outside to toss a football before Thanksgiving dinner guests arrived.

That the football careened through the dining room window and landed on the dinner table was an unfortunate side effect, of sorts.

That story has become a laughable family legend that is told around the dinner table year after year. Over the years, stories of up-ended drinks and appetizer trays, broken ornaments and minor kitchen fires also have become part of the lineup.

I think every family has those stories—the most awkward things seems to happen when the entire family is present—and if appropriate, feel free to share yours here.

But at some point today I hope all of us take a second to be thankful that we're with those people to begin with. Even if the kids damage something when we're not looking. Even if we end up scraping cranberry sauce off the floor.

It's Thanksgiving Day, and whatever happens before, during or after dinner, I sincerely hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving Day family dinner memory? Tell us in the comments section!


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