Bizarre Craigslist Finds in Bridgeville!

You can't make this stuff up. There's a unique portable chair, old piano stool and adult diapers for sale in Bridgeville on Craigslist!

We decided to comb Craigslist to find some of the more unique items for sale in Bridgeville. Take a look at see if you agree.

Very Unique Portable Chair - $85
"Never have seen another. May be one of the first portable chairs made. Not sure when maybe 1930s."

The Night Before Christmas 1949 The Littlest Christmas Tree - $20 
"Your child will love these stories for years to come and they may read these to their children." 

Old Cigar Box - $25
"Cigars made in Pittsburgh."

Very Old Piano Stool - $50
"I will sell as is or can put a crackle paint on it."

Adult Diaper (Briefs) - $20
"72 total" 


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